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Address: Bulevar 3-ta Makedonska brigada bb, Skopje
Phone / Fax: +389 (0)2 2461 106, +389 (0)2 2401 359
Web address:
Activity: RADE KONCAR - kontaktori i relei d.o.o. en mk Home about us Products Services News Contact Products PRODUCT RANGE "RADE KONCAR - kontaktori i relei d.o.o." production program consists of production of motor AC and DC driven contactors, modular and auxiliary contactors, bimetal relays, moulded case circuit brakers, rotary cam switches, electronic time relays, push buttons... general catalog with all of our products and specifications Modular system contactors with AC control circuit CNN CONTACTORS - CNM, CNB, TK, CNK, CNP, CM, MBCNM THERMAL OVERLOAD RELAYS - TRM ROTARY CAM SWITCHES - BS PUSHBUTTONS AND INDICATOR LIGHTS - PB MOULDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKERS - KP ELECTRONIC TIME RELAYS - EVR, EVRU
Size of company: Medium