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In order for the Macedonian companies to be able to increase the productivity and efficiency, it is necessary for them to be dedicated to the reduction of the costs. The productivity may be increased with investing in more efficient machines and equipment, investing in computer systems for monitoring the production. But the development of the human factor is not less important.

In that direction the recommendation is that the process “Smart factory” is to be initiated because we suffer a great loss in the production systems.

Our company has already started the project (that is in a trial stage) and I cope that next month it will be fully functioning.

In order to strengthen our economy it is necessary for the awareness of each citizen to be raised about the use of domestic products, and for them to be more present in the public procurement processes, as it is done in Europe and in the neighbouring countries.

My motto is “If you have not conquered the domestic market, do not even think about going abroad”.

Goran Antevski
Deputy president of the Exporters’ Club within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and CEO of “Rade Konchar-TEP”- Skopje